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Simply stated, a site survey is a tool/practice to assist and help a company locate/identify issues before any workers get injured. Typical areas that may be evaluated include:

  • Employee hiring and training practices;
  • Physical observations such as exposed electrical wires, missing guards, or open trenches not properly shored;
  • A company’s chemical storage and handling practices;
  • Observing employees performing their jobs with an emphasis on lifting techniques, ergonomic factors, and utilization of appropriate personal protective equipment;
  • Evaluating a company’s various safety written programs and documentation practices.

Site surveys will assist companies in evaluating the overall “health” of their safety process with an emphasis on identifying areas in need of corrective actions. Here are the kinds of questions we ask during a survey:

  • What on-site safety training have you received from your employer?
  • What is your company policy regarding the use of personal protective equipment?
  • Are you familiar with the hazards associated with the chemicals you are working with and what PPE you should use?
  • If you observe unsafe conditions what actions on your behalf would you take?
  • How often do you conduct safety awareness meetings?
  • Do you inspect tools and equipment prior to using?
  • What do you typically document and keep on file as it pertains to safety?
  • What safety related written programs do you have in place?
  • Who oversees safety within your organization?
  • Do you have a safety committee? How often do they meet? Who are the members of the committee?
  • How would you describe the safety culture within your company?
  • Do you know who to talk to if you have any safety related questions or concerns?




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